About Hornbill Rugged Networks

Rugged Computing has been effective in aiding companies to safeguard and maximise their continuous investment in enterprise software, their workforce, and their fleet.We have successfully worked with our customers to change their end-point devices from being the weak point and the source of failure of many of their strategies into one of the strongest connections in their business, boosted their Return on Investment (ROI), and enhanced their business overall.

Since its founding in April 2009, Hornbill has specialised in MIL-grade and rugged technologies and solutions, including engineering, marketing, and distribution of the world's leading military and rugged technology OEMs in ASEAN, the Middle East, Israel, and now the United States.We supply the top rugged computing brand the world has to offer which include Getacrange of notebooks, tablets, handheld devices and accessories. In addition, we also supply an extensive range of traditional IT products such as network solution from Techaya, power solutions from Lind, docking and cradles from Gambher Johnson & PMT, keyboard and pointing devices from iKeyand Design to Order and Solution Integration services (including manufacturing, full range of customization).

We believe that every organization, whether large or small, would benefit from the use of rugged computing devices.We cater to all industry including but not limited to Defense, Law Enforcement, GIS, Computer-Aided Despatch Solutions, Automobile, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Public Utilities, Railways, Pharmaceuticals and other core/infrastructure sectors.



Deliver value to customers through solutions and devices that enhances productivity, security & reliability.


To become a leader in supplier of rugged computing solutions in worldwide.

Global Presence

Our Project Locations

Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, Suadi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Turkey

Our Offices

Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India,
Dubai, Israel, Switzerland, USA